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Open House for our New Services -- Laser Hair Removal and EndyMed Skin Tightening and Resurfacing!

May 23, 2019

Bare Essentials Guelph is proud to be adding two new services to our menu -- Laser Hair Removal and EndyMed Skin Tightening and Resurfacing!

As many of you know we have a LightSheer DUET Laser system at Bare Essentials Waterloo and due to popular demand, we've brought one into our Guelph Location! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the LightSheer DUET, it's a diode hair removal system which is FDA approved for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. The system can be used to treat hair on all skin types, including dark-skinned individuals. Hair is treated through laser pulses which are directed into the base of the follicle. As it heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged which in turn significantly impedes its ability to re-grow for lengthy periods of time, often permanently.

EndyMed uses radio frequency (RF) pulses to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver focussed heat boosting collagen production and elastin resulting tighter, smoother skin. Collagen is a protein that provides the foundational structure of your skin. When heated, collagen contracts and lifts, firming skin, and reducing wrinkles. In addition to skin tightening EndyMed has been proven highly-effective for providing more youthful-looking skin by treating scars and hyperpigmentation through resurfacing the skin. If you’re looking for a safe, virtually painless, and non-invasive treatment for skin tightening, smoothing and brightening, EndyMed is for you!

In celebration of our newest services, we invite you to join us on May 29th from 4pm-7pm for an Open House! Enjoy light refreshments and amazing deals on EndyMed skin tightening and resurfacing (price list below). We will also be offering our Black Friday laser package pricing (in-store only) if you’ve been thinking about laser hair removal. If you need even more reason to drop in, the first 25 guests will receive swag bags packed with goodies! Come hangout, learn more about EndyMed, and score some sweet deals!

Promotional Price List - OPEN HOUSE SALE PRICES IN RED

Laser packages: All packages include 6 sessions and 2 touchups; generally speaking 6-8 treatments are needed to achieve total hair loss.

Brazilian: $750/$650 Extended bikini:  $650/$520 Bikini: $500/$400 Brazilian and Underarm: $1000/$900 Full leg and Brazilian: $2000/$1500 Underarm: $375/$250 Full Face: $700/$500 Men's full back: $1500/$1000

Not seeing a package you're interested? Give us a call for the full list!

Skin Tightening Face Cheeks: Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600 Neck: Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600 Perioral : Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600 Periocular: Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600 Body Treatments Arms: Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600 Stomach: Per session $225/$150 Package of six $1125/$900 Inner Thigh: Per session$300/$200 Package of six $1500/$1200 Inner or Upper Knee: Per session $150/$100 Package of six $750/$600

Skin Resurfacing
Full Face: $300/$200
Half face $175/$125
Stretch marks: $200/$150


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