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How to Get your BEST Spray Tan!

April 27, 2018

Hey BE Babes!

Here at Bare Essentials, we love spray tans. I mean, what’s not to love? You get the perfect glow almost instantly without the harmful side effects of sunbathing for hours on end or using tanning beds.

We’ve written a lot about pre and post care for your tan, but there are still a few things we haven’t mentioned. So buckle up - here’s our top tips for your best tan!

Before you Tan...

1. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Yes, it’s important to exfoliate the day of your spray tan, but it’s a good idea to regularly exfoliate your skin. Usually 2-3x a week is good. The only exception is if you’ve recently gotten a spray tan. Obviously, avoid scrubbing during the life of your spray tan as much as possible!

2. Drink your water!

Are you getting your 8 glasses of water a day? This will make all the difference in your tan (and your overall wellbeing)! This will help build and maintain the moisture barrier in your skin, meaning your tan will look beautiful for longer!

3. No lotions, oils, makeup or deodorant!

Before your tan, make sure to avoid using anything that will sit on the skin immediately before your tan. Lotions, oils and even deodorant can leave a residue and prevent the formula from really sinking in. Save the buttering up for after your post-tan shower!

4. Do your hair removal before your tan!

We recommend doing all your shaving, waxing and plucking 24 hours before your tan. Any sort of hair removal after your tan will likely remove the tan and leave you a streaky, patchy mess. If 24 hours prior isn’t an option, we can wax you before the tan, but you will need to give everything a quick wipe down with a baby wipe before we can spray you!

During your tan…

1. Wear loose fitting, cotton clothing for after your tan!

Anything too tight fitting or with a rougher fabric can cause lines or other imperfections in the tan. Dark clothes are a good idea as well! We do dry you off before you leave, but just in case it’s best to wear something dark to avoid staining.

2. We will provide disposable bra and underwear, but wear whatever is most comfortable for you to your tan!

Some people choose to wear nothing at all, others choose to wear both the bra and underwear, or a combination of the two. Whatever you’re most comfortable in is good with us, just know we will provide you with disposables for your service!

3. Follow all instructions your spray tan technician gives you!

This may seem pretty straight forward, but you would be surprised at how many people wiggle and move around during their tan. Following the proper position and staying still is key to getting a great tan. The positions allow us to make sure you get full, even coverage.

4. If it’s raining, make sure you bring an umbrella!

A lot of people forget this one. Rainy days are not ideal for getting a spray tan, so come prepared! A jacket with a hood and umbrella are key. Make sure you’re wearing long pants as well to avoid any splashing from puddles.

After your tan…

1. Wait 8-12 hours to shower!

Allowing your tan to develop for the right amount of time is crucial. Showering too early will wash away the colour prematurely and result in a lighter, not-so-long lasting tan. When you do shower, use a soft cloth or your hands to wash away the extra tan. Avoid anything that has exfoliating properties which will scrub away your fresh tan.

2. Moisturize daily!

This is key to keeping your tan fresh and long lasting. Make sure you’re buttering up head to toe daily, usually when you wake up or before bed. It’s especially important to focus on areas that get dry easily. Areas like your knees and elbows will need a little extra lotion to keep them well hydrated!

3. Keep up your water intake!

Yep, even after your tan you need to be drinking water. Not only will it make you feel great, it will keep your skin looking and feeling great!

4. Avoid pools, saunas or anything else that will cause excessive sweating.

After you’ve showered, this isn’t ask important. But anything where you will be getting wet or sweating will shorten the life of you tan. Even if you’re able to cut down on how often you shower, and keep using a washcloth or your hands to apply your body wash, it will help keep your tan looking great!

All right tanning pros! What are some of your best tips for tanning newbies out there?


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