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MaskerAide Review – Detox Diva and Tell Me ‘Pout It!

May 2, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a while since I did a product review, and I thought with all the new retail we now carry it was the perfect time for one! This week I’m talking about my experience with the MaskerAide Tell Me ‘Pout It lip mask and Detox Diva sheet mask!

After reading20170502_115148 through the descriptions, I decided to try the Tell Me ‘Pout It lip mask and Detox Diva sheet mask. I’m not someone who has terrible acne, but there is some congestion across my chin and in my cheeks which I thought that the detox diva would help to clear out and bring to the surface.

Okay, so I’m going to attach some pictures. Full disclosure: I look like a zombie. Post shower, pre bed is not a good time for me. So I apologize if my living dead appearance frightens you. You’ve been warned.

To start, I exfoliated and washed my face with my regular products (EA Pro line) to prep my skin for the mask. I like to take a shower before doing a mask because it opens up my pores to soak up all the wonderful things the mask is full of.textgram_1493739478

The great thing about sheet masks is that they’re quick, easy and there’s little to no mess. All you do it take them out of the package and stick it on your face. Then you wait 10-15 minutes for the mask to work it’s magic. I felt a little tingling across my cheeks, but overall the masks are very comfortable to wear. I’ve had sheet masks in the past that didn’t fit well or the cut outs were poorly done. The cut outs were in the perfect spots and fit my face really well. Huge plus for me.

After waiting the allotted time (I opted to do the full 15 minutes), remove the mask and rub in the left over goo. Once that soaked in, I applied my regular moisturizer over top. You can’t see a huge difference in the before and after, but my skin felt healthier. Today I’m noticing it’s texture is better and some of the congestion that was trapped underneath the skin has started to come to the surface.



The only thing I would recommend you do is make sure to give your face a really good wash the next morning. I found that there was still some residue left over from the mask that left my face feeling a little sticky.

Okay, on to the lip mask! I was really excited to try this mask, especially because I’ve been having some issues with my lips lately. I’m not normally someone who has extremely dry lips, but for the past few weeks mine have been flaky and sore.

This was my first time using a lip mask, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was super easy! All you do is remove the tray from the package and peel the mask from the tray. It’s this jelly, lip shaped thing. Then you just press the flat side on to your lips until it suctioned on. A word to the wise, don’t do this mask around your husband who will textgram_1493739375inevitably try to make you laugh. Let sit for 10-15 minutes before removing and patting the residue into your lips.

This mask warns that your lips might tingle. I didn’t find that my lips really tingled at all except on my bottom lip in the middle where I am having a lot of cracking right now. The major difference that I noted was that my lips seemed smoother and softer.

I didn’t notice too much of a plumping effect when I initially took off the mask, but looking at the comparison, I can see a bit of a change in the bottom lip. I would definitely do this the day before a big event because my lipstick looked so much nicer today when I put it on.

My overall verdict: Totally worth the $7/mask! I’m excited to try the Weather Warrior mask this summer when my skin is hit with sun and heat. I also bought a pack of the Spotted spot treatment, but didn’t get a chance to use them because I don’t currently have any blemishes (oh darn).

Stop by and grab a few for yourself! Or try the lip mask as an add on at your next facial for soft skin all over! Call for more information!


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