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Product Review: Let's Face It by MaskerAide

May 4, 2018

Hey Bare Babes!

The weather is finally changing out there and it looks like Spring is here to stay! The change in seasons is always a good time to take a look at your routine and adjust it where needed. For example, you’ll likely be tucking away those heavy winter moisturizers and opting for lighter, water-based ones for Spring and Summer.  

Now, if I’m being really honest, I have been slacking with my skincare the past few months. I know, I know. I’m constantly preaching about needing to take care of our skin. It’s not that I wasn’t doing anything, more so that I wasn’t doing enough. And with the Winter we’ve had, my skin is a bit of a mess.

So, when I found out we were getting the Let’s Face It stick from MaskerAide, I knew it was time to step up my skincare regime. The sheet masks from MaskerAide are already part of my regular skin care routine, so I was eager to get my hands on this new product.

One of the reasons I’ve had to be more cautious with my skincare is because I’m currently expecting. A lot of the higher end brands are out of the question, so I’ve had to turn to more natural products to cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin.

The Let’s Face It Cleansing Stick ticked all the boxes! It’s portable, all natural (vegan, too!) and super easy to use. My skin has been extra dry since Winter rolled around and a lot of cleansers made me flaky. This stick cleanser is powerful enough to wash away my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight and itchy.

It has gentle exfoliating properties that help get rid of the dry patches, something that I wasn’t expecting in a stick cleanser. Plus, it’s easy to use, virtually mess free and perfect for travelling since it’s solid. It’s also not perfumy which is key when it comes to anything for my face.

It’s super easy to use! Just wet your face, rub the stick over your cheeks, forehead and chin and then lather up with your fingers. Considering it’s an all-natural product, this stuff gets really foamy so you don’t need much. Once you’ve sufficiently cleansed your face, just rinse it off. Make sure you run the stick under warm water to get rid of any bacteria before putting the cap on.

Let’s Face It is perfect if you’re travelling but want to keep up your skincare while you’re away. It’s small and solid, so you don’t need to worry about it leaking all over your bag or taking up much space.

Some of the key ingredients include: Beetroot, rose petals and pink clay. These work together to create a purifying, nourishing and antioxidant filled combo that will give you healthy, glowing skin. The rest of the ingredients are naturally derived and great for extra sensitive skin or someone looking to clean up their skincare routine.

To get your hands on the Let’s Face It stick, stop by the salon and grab it for $23!


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