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Product Review: The Scrub & The Lotion

February 1, 2018

Hey BE Babes!

If it’s been a little while since you were in, you may have missed that we launched our OWN line of Scrubs and Lotions! Yep, these little gems are exclusive to Bare Essentials!

We’ve been testing our new line for months, and after almost a year of sniffing and checking consistencies, they’re finally here!

The Scrub and The Lotion are available in two scents: Miss Me, Kiss Me and Pucker Up Buttercup. Miss Me is a pink sugar scent which is sweet and has hints of vanilla. Pucker Up is a lime sugarcane which is citrus-y and sweet. We know some of you are longing for some new scents – no worries! We will be launching a few more soon so keep your eyes peeled!

We get asked a lot why we decided to make the switch to our own brand. While there are lots of reasons why, the main one is why not?

We did extensive testing, so we know that the scrubs and lotions are going to be perfect for before a spray tan or after a wax. Not only are the scents absolutely amazing, the quality is unmatched!

One of the reasons I LOVE the scrub so much is how grainy it is. I find when I use this scrub it stands up better in the shower and really gets rid of dry skin. I don’t have to use as much of it in order to get the same results, and I love that it leaves my skin feeling soft without the oily residue. Because it is a little less oily, it does provide a better scrub and really helps to prevent ingrowns from forming even in my most prone areas.

Moving on to the lotion. One of my biggest pet peeves with lotions is when they just sit on your skin. You know, when it just won’t soak in and everything is slippery. What I love about this lotion is that my skin drinks it up without interrupting my day. It spreads well so I don’t need much to keep my skin hydrated. Plus, the scents are absolutely divine which is essential for a good body lotion!

We also offer our lotion in a small 2oz size which is perfect for in your purse or at your desk! We offer a large size (16oz) as well, so all your hydration needs are covered!

Another great thing about our line? They’re cheaper than what we’ve previously offered! Small scrubs are just $10, small lotions are $12, large scrubs are $35 and large lotions are $28! We also have bundle options available – just ask when you come in!

What are you waiting for? Grab The Scrub or The Lotion today!


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