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Spring Clean Your Skin!

April 12, 2017

Happy Spring!

Yes, I realize the official first day of Spring was March 21, but I don’t really call it spring until the snow is gone and the birds are singing. Considering they woke me up at 5:30 this morning, I’m going to call it Spring.

We’ve talked in the past about changing your skin care to fit the seasons, specifically what to do to get your best skin in the Winter. But the time has come to pack away the parkas and toques, and go into Spring Cleaning mode! Your skin should be part of that. Here’s our top tips for Spring Cleaning Your Skin!

1 Invest in a SilkPeel

Winter can leave your skin looking and feeling dry and grey. A Silkpeel alone or paired with a facial is a great way to shake off the remaining winter skin and get ready for Spring! Not sure what Silkpeel is? Check out our post all about it!

On top of being a great exfoliator, the Silkpeel will inject a serum to help with whatever issues you may have with your skin! It’s a great way to kick off a new season and give your skin new life going into Spring!

2 Spring Clean your products

You’ve probably already started the process of de-cluttering the house, something that always happens this time of year. Why not make your skin care and beauty products part of that? A great place to start is checking expiry dates and getting rid of anything that is past it’s prime. Anything that has changed colour, smell or consistency should also be thrown out.

3 Scrub from Head to Toe

We always preach the importance of exfoliating after waxing and on a regular basis. Give your whole body a good scrub can help relieve your dry hands, elbows, knees and feet before they make their debut in shorts, sandals and tanks!

We recommend a sugar based scrub, like the Lalicious Scrubs we sell here. When choosing a scrub for you, just make sure you’re not choosing any made form fruit pits. (You can see why this is a big no-no here!)

4 Switch to a lighter moisturizer

The extra-hydrating creams of Winter will be just a little too much for your Spring skin. Look for something a little lighter (if it comes with a pump that’s a good sign it’s light) and has SPF properties to it. The SPF will protect from the sun’s harmful rays which advance aging and put you at risk of skin cancers.

If you need to change up your skin care but aren’t sure where to start, stop by and see us! We can give you a hand!

Even better: For all of April 2017, you buy two facials and get the third for FREE! Call, text or email for more details!


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