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Product Review: The Polish and The Pout

November 2, 2018

Hey beauties!

It's been a while since I've gotten the opportunity to do a product review! Well, I'm happy to be back and reporting on not one, but two brand new products at Bare Essentials - The Polish and The Pout!

These little cuties are brand new to our line of exclusive products and we think we've hit a homerun with these ones!

Colder temperature can do a number on your lips. Excessive dryness, cracking and peeling are just some of the things our lips have to look forward to as the temperature drops. But with The Polish and The Pout you and ease the side effects of cool weather dehydration!

Now, I've been looking for a good lip scrub for years. I mean literally years. They're either too oily or too gritty. And most of them don't taste the best. Yes, I am aware they are not for eating, but most of it will end up in your mouth so you may as well enjoy it, right?

The Polish has far exceeded my expectations for a lip scrub. There is just the right amount of sugar and oils. Immediately after scrubbing, my lips felt so much softer and smoother, plus the minty zing helps to plump them up! And while this may not be a deal breaker for most people, it is sweet and minty enough that you almost want to lick your lips post scrub!

Now, what would a lip scrub be without the perfect lip balm to soften and protect? Enter the Pout, our brand new balm!

I think most people struggle trying to find the perfect lip balm. It's either too waxy, too sticky or just doesn't work. I can't tell you how many different tubes of balm I've tried out only to be disappointed. However, The Pout is everything I've been looking for!

The Pout goes on so smoothly without being waxy or sticky. It packs a lot of smoothing and softening power in just one small pot! Plus, the mint helps plump lips without the tingling sensation of other lip plumpers.

You can grab these amazing little gems for $8.50 each or the set for $15. They are perfect to keep your lips soft and smooth all Winter long and make great stocking stuffers for you early shoppers! Stop by the salon and grab yours today!


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