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Wedding Prep at Bare Essentials!

February 28, 2018

The start of Spring signals the start of Wedding Season! There are probably a few of you out there who are getting married this Spring, Summer or Fall and are looking for ways to get wedding-day perfect! Not to stress (if that’s possible), we’re here to help you get ready for your big day!

Now when we talk about getting ready for Wedding season, many people are surprised to find out that we help out a ton of brides. We can do everything from getting your skin perfect to making sure you’re ready for the honeymoon! Check out the 3 ways we can get you ready!

1. Get your skin makeup ready with the SilkPeel!

Getting picture perfect, makeup ready skin is one of the top priorities of many brides. Starting a consistent skincare routine is the best way to start whipping your skin into shape for the big day. Something else you may want to consider is one of our SilkPeels!

What’s a Silk Peel? It’s a peel using a diamond tipped vacuum. I know, it sounds pretty fancy and maybe a little scary but I promise it’s not! The diamond tip helps to exfoliate away dirt, debris and dry skin. The vacuum sucks it all away and in injects the skin with a special serum. The serum is selected based on your skin’s specific issues.

A Silk Peel will help you get the soft, glowing skin you’re dreaming of for your wedding day!

(Here’s some more info on the SilkPeel!)

2. Get your Glow On with Evolv Spray Tanning!

A lot of people think Oompa Loompas and orange stains on their wedding dress when they hear spray tan. But with Evolv you don’t have to worry about a thing!

There are three levels of colour, which we can mix and match to make the perfect colour for you! Plus, our Violet and Bronze additives can further customize the shade! This gives you the perfect tan every time.

When it comes to spray tanning for your wedding, we usually recommend trying it at least once before the big day. This will give you an idea of whether it’s something you actually want for your wedding and if you like the level of darkness or not. Most brides opt to

If you’ve never had a spray tan before, check out our pre and post care! I won’t go too much into it, but there are a few things you can do to get your best glow.

3. No need to worry about a 5pm shadow with waxing!

Whether you’re going on a honeymoon or just want one less thing to worry about the morning of your big way, waxing is the best way to go! Our most common pre-wedding waxes include: underarms, brazilian and full leg. But we can wax whatever you need hair-free!

To get your best wax for your wedding or honeymoon, try to come in at least twice before the big day. If you can space your waxes about 4 weeks apart, that would be ideal. Make sure you scrub the area 24 hours before you come in for a wax, and don’t shave between appointments to ensure the hair is long enough. You also want to come 24 to 48 hours before your big day or the day you leave. This will give the skin time to calm down if you do have any irritation.

Check out our pre and post care for even more tips!

So there you have it! You can even make these appointments a fun day out with your bridesmaids or a relaxing day before all the real wedding stress kicks in!


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