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LightSheer Duet: Why we LOVE it and you should too!

October 19, 2020

We’re heading into one of our busiest and most popular sales of the year – Black Friday! This year we’re extending our sale from one day to a whole week! From November 23 to November 27, we will be offering up some pretty amazing deals on laser!

We've written a lot about laser in the past; how it compares to IPLwhen to choose laser or electrolysis and even the evolution of lasers for hair removal. All of this is good information to know, especially if you’re seriously considering laser hair removal. If you are considering it, it’s crucial you know what machine is being used. That is what I’m going to cover today – why the LightSheer Duet?

The reason we love the LightSheer so much is because it allows us to treat big areas quickly. With older models of laser, treatments could reach an hour or more for just one area. The LightSheer has two hand pieces, the HS and ET. The HS is great for covering large areas quickly while the ET is amazing at spot treating and getting into harder to reach areas.

Another point that makes this machine superior to others in its class is it utilizes vacuum technology to enhance the efficiency. By pulling the skin up into the hand-piece, it allows the laser to quickly and more effectively reach the hair follicle. This means shorter treatments times and better results in the long run.

Another great thing about the LightSheer Duet is that it is capable of treating a wide range of skin tones. Older models are not capable of treating darker skin tones. The LightSheer has pre-set fluencies available, but can be customized based on past treatments and results as well. Because laser targets pigment, darker skin tones are more likely to need more sessions to see the results they want but it is possible! We’ve had many clients see great results with this machine!

Well, now that we’ve talked WHY we love the LightSheer, we want to give you the chance to pick up some sessions at a discounted price. Our Black Friday Sale is running from November 23 to 27, listed below are the regular and sale prices of our most popular laser packages! 

Laser packages
All packages include 6 sessions and 2 touchups
Treatment area / Regular price/ Sale
Brazilian $750/$650
Extended bikini $650/$520
Bikini $500/$400
Upper legs $1250/$900
Lower legs $1000/$700
Full legs $1500/$1000
Underarm: $375/$250

Full Face $700/$500

Brazilian and Underarm: $1000/$900
Full leg and Brazilian $2000/$1500
Full leg and Extended Bikini $1800/$1400

Full leg and Bikini $1700/$1300
Upper lip and chin $450/$325

Men's Services
Men's full back $1500/$1000
Brozilian $900/$800

More laser prices available, call to inquire!


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