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We are proud to use the Evolv Sidekick for all your spray tanning needs!

This system is fast, heated and fully customizable! The Evolv system uses a combination of additives and darkness levels to create the perfect colour combo for each individual. Our Spray Tan Artists will create a custom colour just for you based on your base colour and colour prefrences. And the wide range of additives will allow you to customize it even further!

Gone are the days of chilly spray tanning - Evolv is the first heated system on the market! No more freezing for the perfect glow; now you can feel the warmth without the sun damage!

The Evolv also makes spray tanning even faster! With the two and four hour boosters, you can speed up the developing time and be party ready the same day! Many systems require 8-10 hours to fully develop. But with the boosters you can shower sooner! The tan will keep developing even after you’ve washed away the excess. So even if you book last minute before a big event or trip, you’ll still be able to get your glow on!

Never had a spray tan before? Click here to visit our pre and post care page to learn everything you need to know!


Single Pass


Bronze or Violet Booster

+ $5

Bronze booster will allow for a deeper, darker and more intense bronze tone. Best used on red based skin tones. Violet is a specifically formulated color additive that can be added to base formulations to generate a radiant, deep, mocha tone.

Scent Booster

+ $5

For clients who are seeking a subtle and refreshing fragrance during and after their Custom Airbrush Session.

4 Hour Booster

+ $8

This additive will allow you to shower 4-5 hours post tan versus the generally recommended 8-10 hours. Please note: your colour will continue developing over 24 hours post-spray.

2 Hour Booster

+ $10

2HR developer dramatically increases solution development time to 2 hours without sacrificing sunless tanning results. Please note: your colour will continue developing over 24 hours post-spray.

Two Additives

+ $10

Three Additives

+ $15

When you get the 2hr Booster, all others

+ $2

4 pack of tans


Before you come in for your spray tan: Make sure you take a shower and use an exfoliator to scrub away dead skin cells. This will help the spray tan sink into your skin and last as long as possible. Wear comfortable, baggy clothing to avoid any rubbing or smudging of the spray tan.

More info: Click Here.


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